Tax Planning

Personal Tax Planning

We will carry out a personal tax planning review for you to ensure you are aware of any opportunities to minimise your personal tax liabilities. A one-page report will be issued at the end of our review. Action plan will be suggested on how you can minimise your tax liability.


Our fee for this service is £300.



Business Tax Planning

We carry out a detailed tax planning review two months before accounting year-end of all our existing clients to ensure they are aware of any opportunities to minimise their tax liabilities. It is a given…


If you’re just thinking of join us, no worries; our tax experts will carry out the review irrespectively of the calendar month in your year-end. The aim of the review is to proactively plan for your wealth creation strategies utilising your retained after tax profits.


Our fee for this service is £450.



Tax Efficient Remuneration Package

We will advise you on the most tax efficient remuneration packages. Hundreds of different scenarios will be run to find the best-suited remuneration package for you given consideration to your tax peculiarity. No one-fit-all solution from us.


Our fee for this service is £400.

Even innocent mistakes can lead to substantial interest and penalties following an investigation from HMRC or the Contributions Agency. But you can minimise your risk with one of our health check services.


PAYE/NIC health check

  • A detailed review of your payroll records to ensure that you are complying with all the current legislation.
  • At the end of the review we will give you a list of recommendations to give you peace of mind.


Our base fee for this service is £320.



VAT health check

  • A detailed review of your VAT records to ensure that you are complying with all the current legislation.
  • At the end of the review we will give you a list of recommendations to give you peace of mind.


Our base fee for this service is £360.

If you desire to strengthen your compliance confidence, give us a call on 0203 6575 696. Email

We will complete your tax return promptly and efficiently; and you have your peace

What we will do:


  • Supply you with a tax return information checklist to save you time in getting together all the information we will need;
  • We will then use the information you provide to complete your tax return;
  • We will also calculate your tax liability and payments on account, so that you know exactly how much to pay and when to pay it;
  • Wherever possible we will identify claims and reliefs that can be included on your tax return to reduce your tax liability;
  • We will check your notices of coding to ensure you are having the correct amount of tax deducted at source through the PAYE system (relevant to employment income only). Where amendments are necessary, we will liaise with HMRC to ensure that the correct tax code is issued for you.
  • Once completed we will supply you with a bound copy of your tax return, together with a schedule of the data used, the detailed tax calculation, and suggestions on how your tax liability may be reduced in the future for you to consider.


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This is what we will do for you:

  • A detailed company car tax planning review to ensure that you do not pay a single penny more tax than you need to for your car.
  • As part of this review we will consider the various options for your company car, including a ‘partially-refundable contribution’ and ‘shared-ownership plan’ which means you can be sure that we have considered every possibility.       In fact…
  • We will look at the alternatives to company cars, including the Fixed Profit Car Scheme.
  • We will produce detailed calculations, a detailed report and we will advise you in the best course of action to minimise your tax liabilities.
  • And if you want, as part of this fixed price service we will review the various finance options available for purchasing your car.


Our promise to you

We will show you how to save tax of at least double your investment in our service. In other words, if we are unable to show you how you can make tax savings of at least double the fee, we will reduce our fee to 50% of those tax savings.


This means you will save at least £2 in tax for every £1 of your investment in our company car tax planning service.


Your investment in this service is just £300 for the first car, and an additional £120 for each additional car.

We will take the hassle away from your payroll… including dealing with simple, non-variable company pension schemes, and we will deal with any routine correspondence with the HMRC.



  • Process the payroll and calculate SSP and SMP payments and other voluntary deductions (except pensions – see below) for you based on the information supplied to us. We will keep detailed records of these for PAYE inspection purposes;


  • Provide detailed electronic payslips;


  • Complete the PAYE payslip for each month/quarter;


  • Process and submit P45’s and P46’s to HMRC;


  • Complete Real Time Information submission to HMRC. Produce annual P60’s for distribution to all your staff;


  • Complete and return all forms received from the HMRC, such as applications for Tax Credit.



Let us help you get your payroll right, first time, every time – we will calculate gross pay, income tax and National Insurance, voluntary deductions and SSP/SMP


Our base fee for 1 – 5 employees is £20 per pay period.

If you will need help in this area, get in touch with us: 0203 6575 696. Email