Management Account

Annual account by nature gives historical position of a business. Therefore, it is less relevant in aiding senior management of a business in taking time-critical decisions that put business on the growth path.


Timely and effective management report is the answer. For an investment of £950 per period you get…
Management reports… generating the numbers

  • Detailed trading and profit and loss account for the period, together with comparative information.
  • Detailed balance sheet, together with comparative information, providing information regarding the business assets and liabilities.
  • Ratio analysis to highlight areas of strength and weakness.


5-year summary, graphical review and analysis… understanding the underlying trends

  • You will get detailed, graphical analysis over a period of time. Very often by tracking trends in a business, it is possible to identify problems before they get too serious.

Advice… helping you to understand the numbers

  • Helping you to interpret the numbers
  • Discuss your key business challenges
  • Giving you advice to help you grow your business

So, how will I benefit from regular management reports?

  • Enable you to keep track of key financial performance indicators, which will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the business.
  • Allow you to benchmark your business more effectively against other businesses within the same trade or industry.
  • Enable you to produce more reliable forecasts to assist in planning the future strategy for the business.
  • Bank managers like to see regular management information. This demonstrates that you are in control of you business, which will be a major factor when approaching your bank for additional finance.

Cash flow and profit and loss forecasting… forecasting what will happen in the future

  • Your management information will include a detailed 12-month forecast of cash flows, profit and balance sheet on a regular basis.
  • This will enable you to plan for the future and identify future cash flow needs.
  • The fee is fully inclusive of unlimited meetings with your bank manager.

Business Potential… discover your profit improvement potential (worth £300)

We will show you just how much potential there is for profit improvement in your business based on:

  • The way you price your products and services
  • The way your customers buy from you
  • The costs you incur in your business


And give you simple and effective strategies to achieve the results shown. If this is what your business have been missing, get in touch with us on 0203 6575 696 and we will be glad to help. Email