Company Secretarial Service


… taking the hassle away from company law


Complying with the company law can creative unnecessary administrative burden that a business could rather do away with. We can ease the administrative burden of running your limited company. We will ensure you are fully compliant with Companies Act legislation by performing the tasks required on your behalf thus:


Writing up and maintaining your Company Register and Share Register, including dealing with share transfers – so you know this important job is done properly:


Preparing the Annual Return and all statutory forms for filing at Companies House, for example appointment and resignation of company directors – so you never have to pay fines or penalties for being late or getting things wrong


Filing written resolutions, where appropriate, to do away with the need to hold annual meetings and the laying of accounts and reports before the company in general meeting – so that running the company is as easy as possible


Keeping you fully informed about any relevant changes to the Companies Act – so that you always stay on the right side of company law


Price: £350 per year.